Guide to Understanding Artificial Intelligence


Getting started with Artificial Intelligence can lead to numerous questions and confusion, given the speed the world is changing and adopting this technology. There are plenty of resources available online but there has to be a start point.

In this article, there is a brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence covering all its important aspects which one must go through to get a clear picture of this emerging technology. Artificial Intelligence has made commendable progress and is developing at a lightning-fast speed covering every industry of a market.

AI has become a necessity rather than an extra activity to know about this technology and its evolving faces.

The Basics Of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence can be understood as a simulation of human intelligence. A simulation of human intelligence means that any task performed by a program or a machine will be carried out in the same way in which a human being would have done it.

Artificial intelligence cannot be given a single line definition. It has an ultra-wide scope to deal with problems and to learn through past experiences. The core part of artificial intelligence is the algorithms.

AI demonstrates some of the behavior that is linked with human intelligence such as planning, reasoning, learning, manipulation, creativity, and more.

The concept of what AI is and what it can do has changed from time to time. But the core idea can be explained as machines that can think and act like humans.

Developers and researchers are constantly working towards making the machines capable of interpreting the world around and picking up change whenever required.

These are some of the basic characteristics of a human being and machines are being taught extensively for a decade through algorithms and programs.

Different Types Of AI

There are many sub-parts of Artificial Intelligence but on a high level, it can be broadly divided into two types – narrow AI and general AI.

Narrow AI

Narrow AI can be seen in all the computing devices that people use in their day-to-day lives. That is why they know how they need to execute some of the functions on themselves. This is what makes our lives easier.

People just need to press some buttons and all other work will be done by the machine. For example, we can take the voice assistants that make smartphones way smarter than they were before.

Earlier people needed to do everything by themselves but now they can ask the voice assistant to do those things for them. They can ask it for the temperature, the time, to call a contact, to read out the messages, and a lot more. These assistants are improving even more as AI is improving.

A few years ago no one would have believed that something like AI would change the way technology behaved so much. And now the development industry is looking at it like they have never looked at anything in the past.

The AI tech is the technology that has the power to change the way humans and machines interacted. There can even be a time when people will not need to touch their machines for tasks like calling and writing emails.

The AI will teach the assistants and the applications about all these things. This is something that will help enterprises the most. This will help them to increase their productivity and will save a lot of their time.

The need to hire someone just to do their work will also be eliminated and that will reduce the expenses. There are many benefits of AI for both the general public and enterprises.

What Can Narrow AI Do?

This type of AI can help the traffic and surveillance departments by interpreting the video feeds that a drone or a CCTV camera takes. It can store information, categorize it, and give numbered reports to improve the services and to ensure the safety of an enterprise or a city.

The reason why governments want AI to be developed properly as soon as possible is that they will also get a lot of benefits. AI along with technologies like IoT can make cities smart and the administration smarter.

There are many applications of AI that can help authorities to analyze the current situations and make a better plan for the future. These things can be done with great quality with AI.

It can also organize and remind business people about their events and meetings. It can schedule emails, and make content personalized for better marketing and engagement with consumers.

These are just a few of the things that can be done by narrow AI, this is one of the things that have already made the applications and the devices that people use every day very smart.

Businesses don’t need to pay and use very high-end software because their smartphones have many advanced features in them. In enterprise development too narrow AI is doing a really great job.

Developers are trying to teach their application most of the things that can save the time of the users. AI makes social media, search engines, and websites smart.

What Is General AI And What Can It Do?

Now, this is the best form of AI as it teaches machines or software to do the things that human beings can do. This is the reason why it is called Artificial General Intelligence, which means machines that can work like people.

They can be taught how they can make reports or polish shoes or iron clothes. These are things that can help them to do specific tasks just like humans.

They might do them in an even better way than humans with more accuracy and speed. General AI developers are focusing on developing machines and software that reduce the efforts that people have to put into things that can be easily done by a machine.

This will not eat up jobs, instead, it will increase productivity to a great extent. This will make the world truly smart and intelligent.

This is about making machines that can understand things by themselves and then carry out the tasks for which they have been created.

They can be studying data or the environment and then according to the things that they can do, they can make decisions. This is intelligent and this is an artificial intelligence future technology.

Machine Learning

ML or machine learning is what makes an AI application intelligent enough to learn new things. This is the broad part of AI that most industries in the world are working on.

Because of this, a computer device takes up data and with more data, it gets more intelligent. It is like feeding a human being with food that makes them stronger. Data makes a device that has used ML smart and intelligent.

Because of this, the software can learn how they need to improve and personalize themselves according to their users. ML is also used in the voice assistants because of which they can remember what wesay and search related to that.

Elements Of Machine Learning

Machine learning can be regarded as a subset of AI and has mainly two elements, namely supervised learning and unsupervised learning.

Supervised Learning

This is a rather common technique for teaching systems. It is done by using a huge number of labeled examples in the form of data. The systems are filled with a large amount of data that identifies the features of interest.

These are then labeled into the system’s memory. Once the system is trained, these labels can be used to read data as well as create new data.

Unsupervised Learning

It is quite different from the above method of learning as this algorithm attempts to locate patterns in data. They cluster together these patterns to perform operations and give meaningful results.

Reinforcement Learning

This is a reward-based learning process. Here, rewards are processed according to their input data. This is basically a trial and error process and is greatly used in machine learning methods.

AI Changing The World

AI will change the world in many different ways. There are different parts of industries that will be directly affected by it like robotics and the automobile sector.

AI will make robots and cars smart enough to be able to work on their own and control the things around them as per their programming. Though it will take some time to make them behave as normal as humans, even as of now they will be able to have a conversation, understand what people say, and respond to them.

Other parts that will be affected by it is the content that gets uploaded on the internet. Search engines have started using AI to filter out information and news that is fake.

This is the reason why now the internet does not list any website that is caught spreading fake news or information about something. This will make the internet a better place for normal people. These are just some of the ways, there are many other ways in which it will change the world.


Artificial Intelligence is the future. It has the scope to change the technology for the betterment of the world and the people living in it.

AI will help businesses to improve their processes, the government to improve the administration, and the general public to do daily work in an easy way.

Article by Dharmendra Chahar for Source

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