Claudia Brăileanu, "Seamless Affinities", screenshot, installation & project realized in VR, work-in-progress, 2020

Claudia Brăileanu, “Seamless Affinities”, screenshot, installation & project realized in VR, work-in-progress, 2020

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DERAFFE can be your partner in creating breakthrough experiences for your organization and benefit from our unique instruments modeled to your needs.

Our specialists have worldwide experience working with the most renowned companies in AI, machine learning, XR, blockchain and more.

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Mission Statement

DERAFFE Elevation Lab is a laboratory of ideas, a place for new media culture, based in Vienna, Austria.

Using tools like VR (for a co-working space), AI (for a better understanding), Blockchain (for a fast research archive and a new NFT art market collectibles), 5G (for the fast transmission of data and fast working remote), AR (for an easy exposure in public space, even in the time of a pandemic lockdown), we try to richly complement the existing relational mechanisms of today’s society.

Our projects invite machines to be part of a creative dialogue that reshapes data as the raw material of the future.

We are honored to be part of a new generation of creatives living in a modern renaissance.

Increasing nationalism, climate change, and migration are pulling European countries apart, while technological advancements continue to change the way we interact, pushing us to break new ground and uphold democracy.

DERAFFE Elevation Lab brings the audience into the center of the action by creating a deeply immersive experience that evokes the kind of emotion that only high-end technology can generate today.

Our team is not formed solely of programmers, designers, and animators. Our team is based on renowned contemporary artists who have exhibited at prestigious festivals as well as in major galleries, biennials, and museums. This experience, combined with their programming skills, design, and animation knowledge, translates into their work with cutting-edge technologies, so a beautiful and stunning story is shown as an immersive journey that the audience will never forget and will always desire a repeat of the experience.

DERAFFE is the creator of A.I. JARVIS – the first AI curator in history, SHUFTI APP – an app that uses geolocation for public exhibitions, DERAFFE VR Gallery – the first independent art venue in VR, and DERAFFE Pop-up Lab – a place for research and presentation.

DERAFFE it’s a mind-blowing boundary-breaking experience.


A.I. JARVIS manifest at a press conference in Vienna.

DERAFFE created A.I. JARVIS, the first AI curator in history. A.I. JARVIS uses AI to learn for itself from the databases of universities, galleries, festivals, institutions, and the internet for deep searches. A.I. JARVIS implements the initial concept as the “key structure” for its curatorial decisions. At the end of this process, A.I. JARVIS will select participants/artists/creators for a festival, gallery, or biennial based on its knowledge and write the concept. The public physical appearances of A.I. JARVIS consist of a spectacular hologram.

A.I. JARVIS was appointed as curator of Bucharest Biennial 2022, the first-ever biennial curated by AI. Bucharest Biennial has also decided to use SHUFTI AR App and the DERAFFE VR gallery and thus it will be the first Biennial curated by AI in AR & VR.

A.I. JARVIS has also been appointed as curator for other future exhibitions and aims to curate important events, similar to a human curator but in a more democratic and spectacular process.


Erwin Wurm, fat convertible, 2004 mixed media, SHUFTI AR App

The public space can be a fantastic exhibition display. The viewers can experience the app on their smartphone with one click. The app is downloaded only once and they can see all the exhibitions that are organized at that moment and choose what exhibition or artwork they want to see and proceed to the specified place using in-app maps.

The app allows organizing multiple exhibitions at the same time, in different places around the world. This is a unique appropriation of AR using geolocation, a process first developed by DERAFFE Vienna.

The public can also take photos with the artworks, publish them on social media and learn details about the area of the city where they are located.

There will be endless possibilities for artists, designers, creators of any kind, and curators to connect with new audiences, and they will not be dependent on the lockdowns or size of a space or health regulations.


Bogdan Matei, Boom, 3D render, digital composition, 2020.

Bogdan Matei, “Give me another kunsthalle to survive”, Screenshot, Installation & AR, 2020

A physical space, a place for research and presentation in Vienna, where we launch products and exhibitions, organize debates and meetings.

The visitors can meet artists – creators, our team and experience VR, AR, AI, or blockchain research, see the exhibitions we organize twice a year.

We have stand-alone VR headsets for the public and visitors can use them in the context of the special space design.


GAY45™, the multi-platform indie queer journal that celebrates the power of queer creativity and freedom, has become a vital source of inspiration for a global audience. With its innovative approach and diverse content, the publication has earned a reputation as one of the most thought-provoking and challenging voices in queer journalism today.

At the heart of GAY45’s success is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The publication has embraced a wide range of perspectives and experiences, offering a platform for queer voices that might otherwise be marginalized. Through its unique search engine powered by A.I. Jarvis, GAY45™ has created an immersive experience for its readers, allowing them to explore a wealth of content and ideas from around the world.

One of the most exciting developments in GAY45’s history has been its collaboration with A.I. JARVIS, the first academic art curator based on GTP-3.5. Developed by DerAffe Vienna, the parent company of GAY45, in 2021, A.I. JARVIS has helped to curate the publication’s social media and festival content, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in queer journalism.

With its groundbreaking tools and innovative approach, DerAffe has established itself as a supporting force in the world of queer media, offering a platform that is both challenging and inspiring.


“… A.I. JARVIS (just a rather very intelligent system). The programme is being built and developed by the Vienna-based studio Deraffe …“use deep learning in order to learn by itself from databases from universities, galleries or art centres” Los Angeles Times, USA

„Kunst und Technologie: Der Kurator ist eine Maschine. Künstliche Intelligenz soll bald Ausstellungen gestalten. Wegweisende Impulse kommen aus Deraffe Wien.“ Kurier, Austria

 “Une nouvelle percée dans l’intelligence artificielle dans le monde de l’art, A.I. JARVIS le  curator, conçu par le laboratoire autrichien Deraffe.” Le Monde, France

“That’s right: the chief curator of the 2022 Bucharest Biennial is A.I. JARVIS, an artificial intelligence program in development from the Vienna-based studio Deraffe.” Artnet News, USA

“… Bucharest Biennale announced this week that its 2022 edition will be curated by an artificial intelligence (AI) programme called A.I. JARVIS, named after a fictional AI that appears in the Iron Man films and comics called A.I. JARVIS (just a rather very intelligent system). The programme is being built and developed by the Vienna-based studio Deraffe …“use deep learning in order to learn by itself from databases from universities, galleries or art centres” using the initial concept as the “key structure” for its curatorial choices…” The Art Newspaper, UK

“A.I. JARVIS will be the first AI curator in the history…” Mind Craft Stories, Romania

“Machine takeover: art biennial in 2022 to be curated by a robot called A.I. JARVIS.” The Star, UK

“Bucharest Contemporary Art Biennial already promises to make history in 2022 with the help of the Viennese studio Deraffe.” Numéro, Spain

“The singularity seems to be closer than was reckoned, as an artificial intelligence developed in Vienna takes office as an art curator in Bucharest.” The Indian Express, India

“The first AI curator was developed by Vienna studio-based Deraffe.” Agence France Presse

“A.I. JARVIS has been built and developed by the Vienna-based studio Deraffe, which will train it in the next two years to learn curatorship using “materials from the world’s renowned MA’s of curating and contemporary art history from the most respected universities.” Yahoo! News

“…si chiama A.I. JARVIS ed è un programma di intelligenza artificiale, attualmente in fase di sviluppo nello studio di programmazione viennese Deraffe.” Exibart, Italy


Dr. Răzvan Ion
CEO, founder / curatorial VR & AI concept

Mag. Bogdan Matei
COO / operations; AR, VR & AI research

Mag. Răzvan Ionescu
CTO / AI creator

Mag. Claudia Brăileanu
CVRO / concept, VR creator

Abolfazl Tanhaereshvanloo
CARO / concept, AR creator

Mag. Katharina Stadler
Database Network Architect

Dr. Eugen Rădescu
senior consultant

Dr. Kilian Grüber
VR & AI consultant

Mag. Anna Ressler
AR, VR & AI research consultant


[email protected]
1070, Wien, Österreich


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