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GAY45 is a indie queer journal for freedom and creativity edited by DERAFFE Vienna and published in English for wide access to the content.

GAY45 is a means of communication for a distinct community. Queer, sexually fluid, creative wherever they are in the World. Our readers are from Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Paris, London, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Sofia, Athens, Bucharest, Kyiv, New York, Istanbul, etc.

The message can be everything we do, from our career, to how we dress, to what we read or watch. Neo-bohemians, alternatives, indie, reformists.

Queer. Queer is a word we use with respect and love. We include pansexual, bisexual, sexually fluid people.

We use queer as an inclusive term to refer to those who fall outside of heteronormative identities.

 We create, take over, translate, accumulate, deconstruct, and put together dozens of things that are now disparate and regurgitate them in a different form. Music, fashion, art, literature, politics, design, architecture, any subject connected with the queer culture.

We are teachers, bartenders, theorists, advertisers, architects, artists, photographers, chefs, musicians, engineers, journalists. Elaborated, educated people, with various professions, titled or self-titled, teachers and self-taught. We are what we want to be. We learn from each other and everyone from what the group produces.

We beleive that permanent reform is continuous progress.

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