Apple acquires startup behind Infinite Music Engine that adapts music to your heartbeat



Apple on Monday acquired AI Music, a startup that has developed a platform capable of creating songs using artificial intelligence. The acquisition, according to sources familiar with the matter, was completed in recent weeks.

As reported by Bloomberg, AI Music’s technology can create royalty-free soundtracks using AI.The soundtracks are dynamic and can change based on user interaction in real time. As an example, a song can have a different tone during more intense parts of a workout.

As described by the startup’s website, which has now been taken down (but you can still view it via a cached version), AI Music can even create songs that “adapt to your heartbeats.”

AI Music is at the forefront of exploring how artificial intelligence can change and adapt music. Quite simply, we believe music should be accessible and contextually relevant for both its creators and its listeners.

With our Infinite Music Engine and other proprietary technology, we deliver bespoke solutions for marketers, publishers, fitnessprofessionals, creative agencies and many more.

Music that adapts to your heartbeat, audio advertising that matches listener context, universal licenses across formats… All of this is possible, and more, thanks to our cutting-edge research and scalable in-house development.

Apple declined to comment on the acquisition, so the amount paid for the startup remains unknown, as do plans to integrate its technologies into Apple products. Still, it seems that Apple has been working on major enhancements to Apple Music this year, as the company also acquired classical music service Primephonic in August 2021.


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An article by Filipe Espósito


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