Announcing JARVIS

Bucharest Biennale 10 Press Conference

We are proud to have announced DerAffe’s JARVIS curating Bucharest Biennale 10. Our partnership with Bucharest Biennale allows us to have a different approach to curating works of art and creating such events. Join us between 26 May – 3 July, 2022 in Bucharest, where the artists selected and curated through our curatorial inspiration would exhibit their works of art.


We have presented DerAffe’s JARVIS on 18 November, 2021 to a live audience, as well as a live viewing on social media. For the first time, JARVIS spoke to the public, in a conversational debut with Razvan Ionescu, the CTO of DerAffe. The speech to text capabilities were used as a way to show how JARVIS was able to select the first artists to take part in this Bucharest Biennale. This went on to show that JARVIS is an aggregation of microservices working together to create, read, and update event creation based on some user input, based on a large data set of available works and descriptions, and based on human verification or agreement.

Curating with an AI is an approach that had to be addressed at one point by people in either the artistic sphere or that of the AI developers. We are proud to come out with our own curating AI, in the context where other similar approaches are tried, with wildly different results, from which everybody can learn.

We are challenging renowned general use models to deliberately converse about art, accurately and eloquently. We are adding to the foundation of those models with our own dataset and creativity that is characteristic to the artworld. Our JARVIS is more than just a generic model, it’s an aggregate of smaller fine-tuned models working in tandem to enhance the curating process of everyone who dares to interact.

DerAffe JARVIS is supposed to be an enhancement for those that are trying to create their first events, with guiding steps laid out from internationally known curators and key decision making. While for the more experienced folks out there, it can be a fierce tool that sieves through the Pettabytes of information out there, relentlessly, seamlessly, to allow you to find new expressions of art.


For more details about how we continue to develop this, please follow us here and on social media, Instagram and Facebook. And Bucharest Biennale for new announcements on the new artists selected through JARVIS –


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